17. What’s on your To-Be List?

You might have a to-do list, but do you have a to-be list? If not, grab a pen and paper! I want you to write down all the adjectives you want to be. Loving, kind, caring, humble, you name it.

I’m reminded of Edith Stein’s quote: “The world doesn’t need what women have, it needs what women are.” Since I know we don’t just have female listeners, I will say that this quote applies to everyone. The world needs what you are! 

I’m going to talk about the difference between to-do lists and to-be lists and the beauty that comes from integrating the two. 

Email me, Victoria, if you want to share your to-be list at consumercatholic@gmail.com 

God Bless! 


    1. Hi Pat, Thanks for reading! I’ve done a bit of research on St. Jude Children’s Hospital. I haven’t included them on the Catholic-friendly charities list yet because there are some doctors on staff there who take part in embryonic stem cell research, which the USCCB doesn’t consider ethical stem cell research. Here are some resources:

      Now, that doesn’t mean that if you donate, your dollars are going directly to embryonic stem cell research. If you search “embryonic stem cell research,” on St. Jude’s website, you’ll see more details. Should this change, I’m happy to update the list!

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