37. Going Through Grief and Writing a Novel ft. Andrea Bear

Fellow Catholic author Andrea Bear joins me today to talk about how the death of her mother eventually led her to writing her first novel, Grieving Daughter’s Club.

We talk about:

  • how the death of her mother affected her 
  • what support looked like during the grieving process 
  • how she actually wrote a novel with no formal writing training 
  • how she found a publisher for her book after getting rejected originally 
  • abandoning our timelines to God’s timeline
  • plus, the super cool thing that Deacon Harold Burke does when writing his books 
  • Andrea’s first CatholicMom.com article she wrote 

Read Andrea’s novel, Grieving Daughters’ Club. 

Andrea’s bio: Andrea Bear is a Catholic and writer of the women’s Catholic fiction, The Grieving Daughters’ Club. In addition, she has been writing for the past few years as a contributing writer to Catholicmom.comCatholicStand.com and Todays Catholic Teacher Magazine.  She is also a member of the Catholic Writer’s Guild and has been featured on Relevant Radio.  Outside of her writing she is a mom to three beautiful daughters Natalie, Emily and Molly and wife to the love of her life Kevin.