Bitcoin, Catholicism, & Christmas

My job requires me to do research everyday on what’s moving the stock market and the economy. Naturally, bitcoin is a daily conversation. It’s a digital currency, also known as a cryptocurrency. It’s up; it’s down. It’s very volatile, and it’s not always clear why. But more and more places are accepting it as a form of payment (instead of cash or credit credit).

While I watch the rollercoaster ride of bitcoin from the sidelines, I realized it actually works in the exact opposite way as God’s love.


Bitcoin is intangible. It’s only valuable because people deem it so. If no businesses accepted bitcoin as payment, then it would cease to be worth anything.

With Jesus, it’s the opposite! We’re not valuable because other people say so; we’re valuable because Jesus knows so! He died for us and our worth comes from being His.

The world’s standards for worth are based on what you do or who you know. Jesus’ standards for worth are that you exist!

Bitcoin gets its value from humans. We get our value from Jesus. How cool is that?!

I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to find my value in what other people think of me – whether they think I’m smart, beautiful, or talented.

You could say my self-worth looks a lot like the chart of the stock market: up and down; stalled; crazy spikes and crazy lows.

But not in Jesus’ eyes. Our worth never changes. He loves us the same whether we lose our job or get a promotion. He loves us the same whether we fall on our face in front of everyone or confidently walk through a crowd in heels. He loves us the same whether we’re an unknown housewife in a suburb or a famous celebrity.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy compliments or don’t get affected by negative criticism; it’s just not make or break for me anymore. Thank God – because that was getting exhausting!


I hope in this Christmas season, you can continue or start to feel your unwavering worth.

I know it’s hard to feel like you matter when you see people on Instagram living what seems like a “perfect” life of traveling, fashion, love, laughs, etc. I know it’s hard to feel worthy when you see other people being awarded for their work or service or accomplishments. But we can all rest in Jesus’ arms knowing that none of that stuff matters to Him. You won’t have a seat saved in Heaven because you’re famous or won more awards or have millions of dollars worth of bitcoin.

Buon Natale!