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  1. Dwight David Eisenhower had a great vision for how to create world peace.
    Post WW11 Presidency gave him a platform to achieve his quest. He began an international pen pal program, pre social cyberspace. The shrunk the world. Through a stamp on an envelope, your thoughts could travel to foreign lands and fairytales could become a little bit more real. Relationships could be formed. The foreign of cold war times became less scary. People became people, not political pawns.
    The greatest generation invested in America and along with the increased technology came a new way to expand the Eisenhower dream. In the 1960’s and 70’s, flight was an air bridge for youth to learn about humanity through peace ambassadors of travel.
    I was gifted with wanderlust and a set of parents who unknowingly fashioned it. I had the pen pal across the sea and the fear of sending my sons to communist lands never entered my mind. The world was our oyster and I learned through travel to accept differences of cultures. The ideal espoused by a war general of fostering peace through traveling the world and meeting people became my reality before most of my peers dared to venture.
    Most of my generation who lived through multiple military conflicts regressed into the fear mode of the world again despite or b cause of the introduction of the fast paced computer age. September 11 broadcasted images of Hiroshima all over again and a backwards spiral affected the accomplishments of the Esienhower model.
    Because adventure was my life, I was not deterred from jet setting and did so solo! The change I’ve witnessed worldwide over years the six decades, is the motivation of travel. I took a journey as a mission for God’s humanity and to view His wonders. I retraced the footsteps of my ancestral heritage and my relatives dedicated service to make the world safe from tyranny. However, that joy of gratitude and privilege and hard work ethics to engender the finances to travel have been diminished by a Godless, narcissistic, entitlement generation of milenials who will never get the concepts of bringing the world together that Eisenhower espoused. Travel is competitive check lists to score points in an illusionary race of conquest for power with a destination of Babel.
    Travel is anything and everything today that is not peace and therefore is a war on God.

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